ACP (Agile Configuration Propagation)

Agile Configuration Propagation (ACP)

Deliver Software Products with Agile Agility

Agile Configuration Propagation (ACP) facilitates propagation of configuration data from one Agile PLM instance to another. The configuration consists of all settings content of all (Java Client) Administrator nodes in one Agile instance. The propagation may consist of the complete “Admin” data for an instance, or it may consist of a selected subset of Administration data for an instance.

ADB Consulting can administer the dissemination of your data from one Agile instance to another. This can be the complete Admin data or any specific subset. Using ACP, you can seamlessly export configuration data from the Agile instance to XML files and import configuration data from XML files to Agile instance.

ACP is a deployment tool that lets you test your configuration changes or additions outside your production environment so they are fully production-ready before they go live. This in turn helps you increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs.


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