ACS (Agile Content Service)

Agile Content Service (ACS)

Increase Collaboration across Your Global Manufacturing Network

Agile Content Service makes it easier for the industries to create and share digital content across multiple destinations – within or outside the organization. It is an event-driven XML-based service that makes it easy for the company officials to update their globally spread employees on the latest business and product information. ADB Consulting leverages its professional expertise to effectively and efficiently supply your Agile Content Service (ACS) needs. 

Our experts can manage the publishing of your product records to any business application or user. The Agile Content Service can also be configured to automatically publish the Item Master, BOM, and AML changes during any phase of the product lifecycle to multiple communication channels. This ensures that everyone is working with up-to-date information.

ADB’s agile content service improves business agility by facilitating faster decision making among different officials spread across the global manufacturing network. It makes content marketing a lot more effective, easy and inexpensive than ever before. 


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