Clinical Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (cFMEA)

Assuring patient safety and improving the quality of care is the foremost priority of every healthcare firm. Clinical Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (cFMEA) is a comprehensive and collaborative tool which proactively evaluates a healthcare process. ADB Consulting uses this approach to eliminate three kinds of risks including, workers risk, patient risk and laboratory risk.

We identify the potential modes of failure associated with these three kinds of risks, analyze their effects and determine the severity ratings for prioritizing those risks. Our step-by-step approach for clinical risk reduction includes:

·         Diagramming the process: Recording phases and activities involved.

·         Brainstorming potential failure modes and their effects: Listing activity-related failure modes and their effects.

·         Prioritizing failure modes: Assigning severity, occurrence, detection scores and calculating risk priority numbers (RPNs).

·         Identifying root causes of failure modes: Analyzing failure modes causes, making recommendations and planning new control measures.

Clinical safety can be enhanced by reducing the likelihood of failures and number of opportunities for error. Clinical Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (cFMEA) provides a useful methodology for predicting the hazards associated with complex processes and eliminating them before time. ADB’s sequential steps for analyzing errors and simple priority selection strategy make the evaluation process quick and decreases action times.

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