Complaints Systems

Complaints Systems


Turn your valuable customers into happy customers

Do you have an effective complaint handling process for your valuable customers?

How will you know what caused them to move on to some other brand?

ADB Consulting’s Complaints System enables the organizations to have a clear visibility into the customer feedback and complaints. The solution lets you gather and quickly analyze real customer insights so that the responsive action can be taken quickly to resolve those issues in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Our complaints system is customized to fit the purpose of the industry and its business considerations which include the nature of complaints it receives, the customer demographics, the organization’s risk management strategy and more. A company’s reputation and long-term stability depend largely upon the number of loyal customers it has. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a system that keeps the organization informed about the customer experiences and grievances. 

Our solution lets you manage the incoming volumes of complaints with agility while ensuring compliance with regulation. It can also be used as a marketing tool which lets you know about your negative aspects so that you can build a different strategy for the future and improve your products or services according to the customers’ reaction.


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