Continual Improvement Procedures

Continual Improvement is an important part of the industry’s quality management system. It involves various procedures designed for the continuous improvement of products, services, or processes and firming the ongoing cycle of quality management. Both FDA and ISO have mandated the implementation of certain protocols and systematic strategies to improve processes and systems. Therefore, currently it has become more of a necessity than need.

ADB Consulting’s continual improvement procedures focus on three key areas – improving the overall status of medical facilities in terms of infrastructure and service delivery, continual alignment of business objectives with future needs and the maturity of enabling processes in a continual service lifecycle model.

Our reaction to prevention approach will help you successfully embrace the changing environment by leveraging the existing resources, anticipating the industry trends and facilitating non-stop improvement on all fronts. Our comprehensive plan is not only capable of meeting the regulatory requirements, but will also meet your core business objective to maximize long-term return on investments. 

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