Corrective and Preventative Action Systems

Corrective and Preventative Action Systems

Increase Quality and Process Efficiency while Decreasing Cycle Time and Operational Costs

ADB Consulting’s Corrective and Preventive Action System (CAPA) rectifies the deviations occurred during non-conformance of product or process.  It avoids the existing non-conformity and takes preventive and corrective measures to prevent recurrence of the same in future. A fully integrated non-conformance and CAPA system allows the user to check for non-conformity, identify the root cause, determine risk driving factors and generate a plan to correct those anomalies. 

For every industry, having a proper CAPA software solution in place is of utmost importance. Especially for medical device industry that today faces numerous challenges such as shorter product lifecycles, stringent legal and regulatory guidelines, and the need to manage strategic partnerships across the value chain, a CAPA solution must be able to deliver high level of efficiency. Our solution mitigates all the risks and reduces the complexity associated with the manufacturing and validation of medical devices.

ADB offers fully-integrated as well as customized corrective and preventive action systems that allow quality assurance teams to employ an assessment, investigation, and resolution of customer and internal events. You can track, manage, and report incidents to ensure that the product meets regulatory compliance, which in turn reduces time-to-market.



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