Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Design FMEA is a systematic procedure to identify that the materials being used in the product design are according to the customer specifications, and conform to the government regulations. This type of validation is performed before finalizing the product design for the commercial production.

 ADB Consulting uses dFMEA approach to identify the potential failures associated with the product design that can cause shortened product cycle, degradation of performance and safety risks while using the product. We assist the medical device and laboratory equipment manufacturers in the identification and mitigation of risk by providing appropriate knowledge, analysis reports, ranking charts, and documentation containing requirements and practical recommendations to guide them through the dFMEA process.

Here is how we can help the industries through the entire dFMEA process for risk reduction:

·         Having a proactive review approach for early identification of design failure modes.

·         Determining the effects that a particular failure will have on product, process or end user.

·         Determining the high-risk components and areas whose failure will have a critical impact on product or process.

·         Rationally prioritizing the potential failures.

·         Identifying the root cause of risk and suggesting the safeguards to be incorporated.

·         Outlining the strategies for mitigating or eliminating the adverse effects that failures could generate. 

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