Design Verification Procedures

Design Verification Procedures refer to a set of activities performed to ensure that the product design is capable of performing tasks as intended. Many medical devices fail to meet the regulatory guidelines leading to costly design modifications and huge cost investment. Hence, design verification becomes very crucial to identify areas where potential errors may occur.

ADB Consulting has the right tools and right expertise in place to meet all your design verification requirements. By using our in-depth technical knowledge, domain expertise and advanced lab equipments, we work closely with the clients to verify that all stages of design meet industrial standards and recommended practices. Our comprehensive verification procedures and sub-standard representing environments ensure that your medical device conforms to the specifications and is capable of meeting your company’s objectives.

ADB’s design verification procedures give industries the following benefits:

  • Reconfigurable and reusable verification environment
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements including FDA and ISO
  • Reduced time to market
  • Dedicated team of experts with years of experience in specific domain
  • Well documented history of calibration and evidence supporting verification

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