Equipment Preventative Maintenance Procedures

Taking care of assets is critical for the industries to ensure that equipment is capable of meeting production schedules on time, efficiently supports process flows and comply with safety, environmental, health, and regulatory requirements. Equipment Preventative Maintenance is a set of procedures followed to keep the equipment running in good order, assure its reliability and decrease the amount of unscheduled equipment maintenance and repairs.

ADB Consulting’s maintenance procedures are designed to provide systematic inspection and care of equipment to ensure its continued operation and avoid the chances of downtime caused due to the failure of any component. Our well written and comprehensive control strategy for PM Level II activities extends the life of your equipment and helps maintain high uptime. We offer service schedule options that fit your needs. Whether you want to get it done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, we are always here to provide you with efficient, high-quality results.


Our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance procedures keep your equipment running smoothly, resulting in many benefits such as:


  •      Prolonged operating life of equipment
  •     Increased equipment availability and reliability
  •    Reduced spare parts inventory requirements
  •   Improved personnel and environmental safety
  •    Compliance with regulatory guidelines

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