Equipment Validation

 Equipment Validation

The medical and laboratory equipments need to deliver results with a high degree of precision. Therefore, they must be validated and verified to confirm their operational efficiency and accuracy. ADB Consulting is well equipped with certified professionals who have years of expertise in handling equipment validation projects.
Our master plan for equipment validation assesses the user specifications and then tests these equipments for functionality and reliability. From equipment design and review to its selection and installation, we assist you through every step of the validation phase. We focus on minimizing failures and ensuring that the equipment is able to deliver consistent outputs throughout its active years of life.
Risk assessment is essential when it comes to medical equipments. Our services in risk-based validation include: 
Identifying risks in the processes and equipment
Impact of failure assessment
Determining the likelihood of risks occurring. 
To assure that your medical equipments will pass through the audit trial procedures, we comprehensively work on the following protocols:
Installation Qualification (IQ)
Operation Qualification (OQ)
Performance Qualification (PQ)
Qualification Reports

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