Facility Preventive Maintenance Procedures

 FDA has emphasized the need for implementing strategic preventive maintenance procedures which involve various maintenance activities carried out in order to prevent the breakdowns and failures of equipments in a medical facility before they occur. These activities refer to the regularly scheduled inspections, tests, servicing, repairs, replacements, lubrication, calibration etc.

ADB Consulting’s well-defined preventive maintenance procedures and activities maintain satisfactory equipment conditions and improve plant reliability by identifying potential or incipient failures before they affect the equipment. Having your equipment checked on a regular schedule not only help to greatly extend the life of your equipment but also help avoid costly future repairs. ADB can analyze your equipment and run diagnostics on it to ensure it is operating within manufacturer set parameters and comply with state regulations.

Our industry experts will help you maintain a written inventory of equipments categorized by physical risk associated and equipment incident history. This will help you increase uptime availability, maintain budget stability and facilitate a safer and more reliable working environment.

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