Field Issue System

Field Issue System

Implement a complete Field Management Strategy While Effectively Managing Field Issues

Is management of complaints and service experience a headache? 

How can you ensure continuous improvement in processes with risk reduction?

ADB Consulting’s Field Issue System will seamlessly integrate your field management systems with the complaint, risk and reliability solutions for an end-to-end management and processing of field service, product improvement requests and customer complaints. The system allows you to stay in touch with both complaint management and service reporting system at the same time to let you take preventive and corrective actions on the spot while giving a room for the development of strategies for improvement. 

ADB will assist you in the design, development, implementation and validation of an efficient, productive, business intelligent, scalable, relational, flexible Field Issue System that can be customized based on the client’s requirements and the level of integration required. The capabilities and features are introduced based on the scope of functionality, the resources available, and the work distribution of our clients. Our system ensures remarkable field service and smooth information sharing across the geographically dispersed workforce. 

The identification, investigation and mitigation of issues are designed within the system to ensure that a complete issue lifecycle is maintained. With easy, complete integration of other quality related processes, every field issue can be resolved quickly and effectively no matter where it leads.

Features and Processes:

  • Identification
  • Investigation
  • Mitigation
  • Integration



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