Identification and Traceability Procedures

 Product protection and visibility is very crucial for safe and secure supply chains. This visibility is obtained when the movement of products along the supply chain is monitored and recorded. Considering this, both FDA and ISO have mandated the necessity of identification and traceability procedures for medical device manufacturers. This involves preserving and maintaining all records required to create a traceable historical path throughout the complete life cycle of product.

ADB Consulting uses high level procedures for identifying the product during all stages of production, delivery and installation. Our detailed documentation records the entire history, location and application of your medical device and equipment to ensure that any fraudulent and counterfeit material may not enter the supply chain, seriously impacting its performance in terms of safety and reliability.

Our Identification and Traceability Procedures help address the following issues:

·         Consumer and patient safety

·         Counterfeiting

·         Smuggling

·         Product origin

·         Regulatory compliance

·         Operational efficiency

·         Inventory and warehouse management

·         Diversion

·         Production monitoring

·         Date management / shelf-life management

·         Recall management

·         Product availability 

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