Independent Code Review

Pushing code for your industrial applications to enter the production process without first properly reviewing it for reliability and security adds significant risk to the long-term stability of the application. ADB Consulting with its efficient independent code review services helps you build defect-free, optimized and cost-efficient software solutions. Our in-depth review of code will identify all the technical glitches that may affect the overall quality, speed and functionality of your system.

ADB’s expert team of skilled engineers offers code review services throughout the project’s lifecycle to provide you with clear, concise and meaningful recommendations for the efficient built of your application. We offer tailored services to support your specific business objectives. With our comprehensive technical audits and a range of techniques, we give companies the confidence that their code meets all the regulatory requirements and performs as per the standards.

The typical processes followed by ADB as part of independent code review include, but are not limited the following:

·         Test planning

·         Source code reviewing – both manual and automated

·         Preparing test results

·         Status reports

·         Test execution

·         Quality Management

·         Quality  Control

·         Defect Benchmarking

·         Document preparation

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