Laboratory Notebook Procedures

 Lab notebook is a legal document that needs to be obtained during patent approval or FDA audit trials.  It is a complete and accurate record of experimental methods, research data, and development activities. This permanent record can be referred in the future and used for preparing technical papers and scientific reports. In addition to that, it can also be used as evidence supporting your adherence to standards of good practice or claims of discovery where new inventions are concerned.

ADB Consulting’s laboratory notebook procedures maintain data integrity and data reliability by outlining a set of guidelines that need to be followed while preparing a lab notebook. We provide a permanent written record of researchers’ activity from experiment and observation to final interpretation.

A laboratory notebook plays a very crucial role as evidence during patent approvals. If the filing of another patent application interferes with your proceedings, this notebook acts as a documentary proof that can protect your rights. ADB helps you cover all the aspects of lab notebook so can remain confident about dealing with all sorts of litigations.

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