Non-Conformance Systems

Non-Conformance Systems


Avoid Product Discrepancies and Reduce Time to Market

ADB Consulting’s nonconformance system investigates, analyzes, documents and addresses the nonconformance of product or process to ensure it doesn’t experience any potential risk or defect during quality control procedures. Any deviation from expected results to the actual outcomes directly impacts the reliability, safety and quality of the product. Our system is capable of identifying all the metrics that may lead to variation, including the details such as failure type, risk triggers and severity of nonconformance.

Our system uses highly-structured processes and workflows to support the product quality for both regulated and non-regulated industries. It integrates the strengths of different nonconformance software, issue tracking software and corrective action software into a single unified platform, so the users can take corrective actions based on the reports generated by the system and drive improvement in their product or process design.

ADB provides a fully configurable and customized nonconformance system that allows for flexibility to fit the specific needs of the organization. The features such as workflow management, automated audit trails, smart decision making, closed-loop nonconformance management process, reporting system, compliance and risk management built into the unified console increase accountability and reliability of the product or process. 

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