PC (Product Collaboration)

Product Collaboration (PC)

Give your team an agile, collaborative environment to find and share information they need

Agile Product Collaboration is the core of Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. It lets the organizations create, share and maintain their product record information and processes across the extended supply chain. The system allows seamless integration of internal and external design, supply, and manufacturing data which enable you to connect globally spread product teams, suppliers, and customers in a collaborative environment to reduce time to market and speed up product launches.

ADB Consulting leverages the power of Product Collaboration to integrate your design, supply, and manufacturing data, as well as managing product record information. We help your geographically dispersed teams to work collaboratively across the various manufacturing segments and provide them access to the complete, up-to-date enterprise product records that include bills of materials, drawings, specifications, documents, changes, and approved manufacturer lists.

Agile Product Collaboration establishes automated and streamlined change management processes with intelligent workflow. As a result, you will be able to improve product quality, increase productivity, lower product development and material costs, and accelerate time to revenue. 



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