PGC(Product Governance and Compliance)

Product Governance and Compliance (PGC)

Ensure the compliance of your products and processes

Maintaining product compliance and quality standards are very crucial to survive in this competitive marketplace. Any violation of standard means loss of reputation, huge fines by the regulatory authorities and even shutdowns in worst cases. Oracle Product Governance and Compliance (PGC) lets the organizations confirm the compliance of their products and programs with the industry standards and regulations so that they could maintain a smooth workflow of operations without any hindrance. 

ADB by utilizing its diverse knowledge and the capabilities of PGC help manufacturers achieve all kinds of product compliance thereby reducing business interruption risk. The system can help the businesses satisfy regulatory requirements in many ways which include the ability to audit the presence and amount of regulated substances used in their products, and to demonstrate that they recycle, dispose of, or re-use parts containing those substances in a responsible manner.

Moreover, Agile Product Governance and Compliance solution amalgamates compliance activities with the enterprise product record, allowing companies to comply with environmental standards more-reliably. The companies can create policy documentation and design eco-friendly or compliant products from the start to avoid any future risk.


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