PQM(Product Quality Management)

Product Quality Management (PQM)

Assess the reliability of your products and improve their overall quality


Agile Product Quality Management (PQM) is a powerful solution that provides a collaborative environment to track and aggregate information related to your product quality within the product record. This enables an interactive corporate culture and your stakeholders can have clearer visibility into the entire production process from start to the end through the development lifecycle of the product. So, if in case any defect or anomaly is found in the quality of product or process, the root cause can be found in a timely manner and appropriate corrective measures can be taken as soon as possible.


ADB Consulting using this advanced quality management methodology can help your business identify product deficiencies and take preventive and corrective measures to resolve the issues responsively and improve the quality of yield. The quality data collected from various sources can be used to improve product reliability, increase productivity, ensure compliance and increase customer satisfaction.


What makes Agile Product Quality Management (PQM) the most desirable solution is its flexibility of inclusion across a number of business ventures. This includes product and manufacturing defects, customer complaints, corrective and preventive measures, field failures, enhancements and more. In addition to that, it also helps the companies integrate their support and field services into a single unified solution, connecting the company to its customers and partners.


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