Product Accountability Systems

Product Accountability Systems

Get greater control over your products with greater control over your Investments

How will you know who is responsible for the product liability and delayed reactions?

How will you facilitate continuous error reduction for the relevant outcomes of your expenditures?

ADB Consulting’s product accountability system allows easy integration of data management tools with other inventory and asset tracking systems to allow accurate interpretation of insights necessary to make better decisions and collaborate across the enterprise. With quick and combined access to all the necessary information of individuals and processes, involved in the product manufacturing, shipment and point of use, you can determine the entities responsible for the delayed reaction times and errors occurred during the lifecycle of the product. This in turn helps you improve the overall operational efficiency of the organization and lets you enjoy a greater control over your investments. 

In compliance with Investigation Device Exemption (IDE), post market surveillance, commercialization, product tracking, liability mitigation, and general marketing metrics, product accountability becomes very necessary, especially in the medical device industry. ADB Consulting, therefore, offers a solution that is geared towards mitigating the risks associated with the medical device accountability.  

The ideal product accountability system integrates with various other systems in order to automate the data relationship throughout the lifecycle of individual products. Traceability of various systems such as ERP, MRP, Shipping, Logistics, Point of Use, Clinical Systems, Patient Management Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Return Management Systems, and others are taken into account when offering, developing and implementing the solutions.

Features and Processes:

• Origin Data

• Shipping Data

•  Distribution Center Data

•  Customer Data

•  Clinical Data

•  Patient Data


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