Returns Goods Systems

Returns Goods Systems

Tracking returned goods is now in the palm of your hand

Have you given a thought to asset tracking after sales? 

Is the management and control of reverse logistics giving you trouble?

ADB Consulting’s Returns Goods System enables companies to manage and track the returned goods by the customer. The system uniquely identifies the returned product, authorizes its return, and helps keep a track on it from the return request to receipt. With the rising competition, returned goods control has become a matter of high priority for the top management due to high costs involved and customer dissatisfaction.

Especially in the Medical Device industry, Return Goods Authorization (RGA) systems are essential since they allow seamless means of controlling simple returns, defective or contaminated products. We provide design, development, implementation and validation of Returns Goods Systems that authorize the equipment and process its return.

ADB’s system for returned goods has the capability of integrating the RGA system with other solutions such as product investigation, inventory, accounting, service, field issue, field complaint, reliability and more. This allows end to end management and control of products in reverse logistics. Records of accountability can be screened easily and the organization can further investigate to detect the evidence of potential device problems.

Some of the features of fully integrated Returns Goods System are:

Tracking reverse logistics

Tracking field issues

Investigating Return

Authorizing the return

Screening the records of liability

Check for defect and contamination in case of a medical device 

Processing of Complaint

Check for reliability

Effects on investments and inventory 


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