Statistical Techniques and Applications Procedures

 In medical and healthcare industry, analyzing and recording service utilization data and risks is a quite difficult process. This has given rise to the need of sophisticated statistical techniques and application procedures that are specifically designed to handle the complexity involved in distributed datasets.

During medical device clinical trials, various statistical tools and methods are employed to support design control, corrective and preventive action (CAPA) and process validation. This is based on the requirements of FDA’s quality system regulation and hence is very crucial for industries. ADB Consulting uses appropriate statistical method and applications to plan and analyze the results of studies performed during various quality management processes throughout the product lifecycle.

Our analysis and data management experts improve the processes associated with the design, conduct, evaluation and interpretation of clinical trials. ADB uses traditional theories as well as modern methods in statistics such as generalized linear modeling, applied Bayesian methods, and object-oriented statistical computing to meet the industry’s specific requirements.

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