Storage handling and disposal of Biohazards Procedures

Biohazard refers to any waste that might include infectious agents. These are categorized under medical waste, regulated waste, laboratory waste and pathological waste. Both medical user facilities and medical device manufacturing industries produce the amount of biohazards sufficient to cause serious impact on the life and health of health workers or patients if not handled, stored or disposed of properly. Therefore, it has become quite critical for these industries to plan procedures that allow for efficient management of biohazards and prevent contamination of medical waste material.

ADB Consulting follows the appropriate State and Federal guidelines and regulations for the management of biological /biohazardous waste. Our systematic procedures establish a framework for storing, handling and disposal of biohazards in order to prevent any risk of contamination caused either due to negligence of personnel or inappropriate safety measures in place.

We are experts in preparing procedures for the management of both Level I and Level II biohazardous waste. With years of experience in working with and for medical device industries, we have established knowledge that helps us understand all your medical processes and suggest corrective and preventive measures to address risks associated with it.

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