Training Management Systems

Training Management Systems

An automated learning solution designed for agile workforce

Are you looking for a single platform to manage all your training operations?

Is training geographically dispersed workforce a challenge for you?

ADB Consulting’s Training Management System enables you to train and upgrade your workforce knowledge through an interactive and flexible learning platform. Effectively manage, administer and deliver training programs on-site or online with a customized learning solution build keeping in mind your industry and training requirements. Job functions, training matrices, training materials and relative version control are some of the basic building blocks that are considered.

ADB Consulting provides design, development, implementation and validation of training management systems. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing in-house learning management solutions and content management systems for added flexibility. Give your employees on demand access to courses and training material while ensuring regulatory compliance.

If you belong to an industry that is heavily regulated, you know how important it is to train the employees on compliance, health and safety matters. In fact, the company’s reputation and liability greatly depend on how knowledge the workforce is. We, therefore, provide training solutions that can help you achieve greater compliance training completion rates and easily track the progress of your learners over time.


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