Unit Testing

Unit testing is a software testing method in which smallest, individual units of source code are tested to check whether they can achieve their own single logical purpose or not. Many software projects fail and most exceed their delivery deadlines or run over budget. The quality test and quality assurance engineers of ADB have years of experience in the development and testing of software programs for various industries including medical device, aerospace, military, automotive, pharmaceutical and others.

The team of ADB Consulting is capable of writing unit test for almost every industrial project. Be it a large industrial robotic application or just a simple PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) program, our extensive expertise and domain knowledge let us deliver the best of our capability. We help simulate the services so your tests run locally and quickly while giving you the assurance that your piece of code works correctly.

Advantages of Unit Testing by ADB:

·         Access to a dedicated team of quality experts

·         Early problem remediation

·         Advanced automated tools for automation testing

·         Both on-site and off-site testing options

·         Detailed documentation outlining the areas of compliance and non-compliance

·         Streamlined and professional assessment process

Programmers can refactor code during the testing process 

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