User Assessment testing

End-user requirements and expectations with the product are subjected to review and change. User assessment testing verifies that the product or system is functionally fit for use and performs as per the expectations of the end-user. ADB Consulting’s expert team of engineers develops test cases and scenarios that simulate the real world environment.

We understand that in case of UAT, the primary focus should be on real world usage scenarios and, therefore, identify areas where user needs are not included or incorrectly specified in the system. Our comprehensive test methodologies bridge the gap many businesses have between expert user knowledge and expert test knowledge.

ADB’s business-oriented approach provides the ability to look into each project phase in order to understand the end user’s level of satisfaction. This not only helps increasing the level of service, but also saves time and investment.

Key elements of ADB User Acceptance Testing Services include:

  • UA test planning and strategy
  • Risk-based approach to UAT
  • Creating and executing business-driven test scenarios
  • Full test management including reporting and documenting defects
  • Multidimensional requirements traceability matrix
  • Full user support during execution
  • Logs of all the test cases executed and the actual results
  • User Sign-off indicating acceptance of the product

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