Version Control Systems

Version Control Systems


Facilitate collaborative development environment between distributed teams

ADB Consulting’s Version Control System allows seamless and effortless collaboration between 

distributed software development teams to share source code simultaneously. All the source code files 

are stored in the central repository with controlled access and are logically organized to facilitate 

parallel development of different software versions.

By implementing ADB version control system different project managers can handle a large project 

concurrently without interfering with each other’s software versions and can have a complete track of 

progress over time for future references, revisions and approvals. This lets the companies build better 

products faster and reduces the time to market. Our unified security manages and protects the code to 

help ensure file integrity. 

ADB provides identification, implementation, integration, and validation of version control systems. Our 

identification allows customer selection of ‘commercial off-the-shelf’ applications based on client 

requirements. We offer customized version control systems depending on the file types, client 

connection methods, operating environment, and development software.

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